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Asociación de Acción Ferroviaria, Cetren, was born as a response to the need generated in the railway sector to bring together in a single entity all companies directly or indirectly involved in this sector.

Since its creation in 1980, Cetren has promoted, boosted and disseminated railways as transport mean at a national and international level.

Attributes that characterize us as independent, impartial, competent and experienced, among others, led us to be notified by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works to the European Commission and to the other Member States as the Spanish Notified Body for “EC” conformity and suitability assessment to use interoperability constituents and “EC” subsystem verification according to Directives 96/48/EC and 2001/16/CE first, and Directive 2008/57/EC after. These same attributes have allowed Cetren to be the Designated Body by the General Directorate of Railways under the Spanish Ministry of Public Works at a time, and to-day also by the National Safety Agency, to verify the compliance of every subsystem with national regulations that apply for their entry into service.

In 2019 we have expanded the traditional activities with the Testing Laboratory, equipped with qualified professionals and the latest technologies necessary to carry out the tests required in the Technical Specification for Interoperability persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility.

Cetren is a Certification Body and Independent Safety Assessor accredited by the National Accreditation Entity, ENAC.

We have maintained our pioneering nature and after railway training was liberalized in our country in 2007, Cetren was established as the first Private Center approved by the National Safety Agency under the Spanish Ministry of Public Works to impart all Railway personnel certificates according to 2872/2010 FOM Order of 5 November.

We remain at the forefront, actively contributing to training and updating the knowledge of professionals in our sector. The team that makes up Cetren, with an experience of over 30 years of pedagogical work in our field, support us, and that is why our students are highly recognized in the railway sector.

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