Electrification courses

The duties of the qualified person to do power cut in overhead contact line in 1.5kV d.c., 1x25 kV a.c. and/or 2x25 kV a.c. are, in general:

  • Perform a voltage cut on the requested section.
  • Control and direct the work performed on the contact overheadline or around it.
  • Protection of works according to regulatory safety measures.
  • Control the status of the overhead contact line at the end of the work.
  • Any other function that could be set by Adif Technical Department.
  • And control the status of the aerial overhead contact line (or catenary) at the end of the works.


At the end of the course, the applicant shall know the following:

  • Manage and interpret the documentation (electrical diagrams).
  • Apply the regulations in force.
  • Develop the functions with maximum safety and reliability guarantees.
  • Cut off the voltage, and control and direct the works performed on the overhead line and around it.