MISSION: CETREN’s mission is to provide technical conformity assessment services and professional training in the railway sector, of the highest quality and under environmental sustainability criteria.

VISION: Aware of its commitment to its Users and to the Society, CETREN establishes the general objective of implementing and maintaining a Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems based on the approach to processes and the user, based on risks and opportunities, continuous improvement, user satisfaction, the participation of all its employees and the commitment to improving its environmental performance and pollution prevention, as well as the specific environmental commitments that are set out in the general principles of action (see below) and that are established according to the context of CETREN set out at any given time. The aim is to obtain external recognition of CETREN as a leading organisation, not only from the point of view of the quality of the service provided, but also for the continuous improvements in working methods, in the attention to its users and in its environmental performance.

VALUES: Since quality management and environmental management are strategic elements for the operation and sustainability of the organization, the following general principles of action have been defined to be the basis to properly develop the Management System:

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those of users and interested parties established and/or determined by reason of activity and location, as well as with other requirements that the company subscribes related to its environmental aspects.

To ensure that the service and the processes carried out are safe, reliable and strictly compliant with all the specifications, standards and codes that are applicable to them, with objectivity, independence, impartiality, integrity and confidentiality.

Development of continuous improvement actions in services and attention to users, taking into account the Quality-Cost ratio, to achieve their satisfaction with the minimum environmental impact.

Establishment of actions and programs aimed at prevention and not only at the detection of problems, based on the degree of satisfaction of users, and environmental behavior.

Support, qualification, motivation and attribution of responsibility to all the staff in the organization in the fulfillment of the objectives and general principles.

Establishment of a structure that offers reliance, independence, impartiality, confidentiality and integrity, carrying out its mission in a responsible manner for the protection of the environment and the satisfaction of users.

Neither CETREN nor its staff: will provide advice or consulting services on methods relating to the solution of obstacles to obtaining certification by CETREN; provide or design products or services that may compromise the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of their processes and decisions on certification by CETREN; supply or design products of the types that are certified by CETREN. CETREN will also ensure that bodies under its organizational control or with which it maintains relations that present a risk to its impartiality do not compromise the impartiality of its assessment and certification activities.

Neither CETREN nor its staff shall engage in any activity incompatible with their independence of judgment and integrity with regard to their inspection activities. In particular, they must not be involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, possession, use or maintenance of the inspected elements, or be part of, or linked to, a separate legal entity involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, possession, use or maintenance of the inspected elements.

Any new activity to be started by CETREN will be properly analysed to assess its impact on compliance, in the development of its inspection and certification activities, with the requirements of independence, impartiality and integrity. This analysis will cover all the fields included in the scope of its accreditations.

As a notified body within the framework of the Railway Interoperability Directive, CETREN undertakes to:

Monitoring the activities of NB Rail, the coordination group of notified bodies for the aforementioned Directive, participating in its plenary meetings and/or monitoring them.

With regard to the area of Control, Command and Signalling, participate in the activities of the ERTMS group referred to in Article 29 of Regulation (EU) 2016/796.

The creation by CETREN FORMACIÓN of an added value for its users, through a global training service that allows it to lead in the market.

Prevention of the environmental impacts of all actions, evaluating environmental aspects and environmental legal compliance, promoting the efficient use of resources and environmental improvement.

Contribution to the improvement of the environmental performance of the stakeholders determined by the activity and location of CETREN, through the dissemination of its environmental commitments and policies.

On the basis of this policy, the CEO will establish periodic quality management and environmental management objectives, aimed at continuous improvement. This policy is periodically reviewed for adaptation and improvement.